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Del Shields

Host & Producer, Cowboy Poet & Western Singer/Songwriter

Del Shields, along with his wife Shevawn, are helping expand Best of America by Horseback episodes by hosting additional rides in the Midwest and western states.   Del has been with the show since 2005 both hosting and entertaining guests with his authentic cowboy songs.  Talk to anyone who has ever heard Del sing or speak in rhyme the poetry he writes and they will tell you, “he’s been there.” Upon hearing him yourself, you realize the Cowboy breed is still alive and well. Del has been referred to by some as “the cowboy with the velvet voice.”

This cowboy's singing and poetry career is full speed ahead. Del appears on many Best of America by Horseback episodes performing his original cowboy music and is now hosting and producing episodes on his own.  His motto is, “come as you are, prepare to go away a little bit western.” Audiences everywhere will attest to this matter, having left Del's performances, they feel as if they had heard the bawling of the cattle and seeing amber setting of the sun themselves.

With years of rodeo bareback riding experience Del is able to sing the ballads of the rodeo life with true emotion. He has years of horse training experience under his hat, and is a farrier by trade. Ranching is branded into his heart and soul, and spills out through his music and poetry. Del performs in person on many of our ride events.

Del Shields Music and Cowboy Poetry

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