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Susen Shields

Business Consultant

We want to recognize Susen Shields our business consultant and friend, for her dedicated work with Best of America by Horseback as the Head of Strategic Business Development in recent years. Susen, along with her husband Don, has been riding with us for approximately a decade, bringing with her a wealth of experience in veterinary medicine marketing and advisory roles.

Susen's background is marked by substantial achievements in Veterinary Sales Management with companies such as Fort Dodge Animal Health, Pfizer Animal Health, Zoetis, and most recently, Boehringer-Ingelheim. She has also spent five years in Human Pharma, excelling in Sales, Training, Specialty Team Management, and Marketing. Furthermore, her diverse career includes roles in Special Education within the public school system and overseeing various aspects of small private businesses, such as P & L, marketing, hiring, sales, and production teams.

Susen Shields Trail Riding America

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